Saturday, May 31, 2008

ready to design again.

So it's been almost two years, a busy two years, and I'm missing the scrappin' scene. I used to work at, teach and design for two of our LSSs, and did some online contests and guest designer stuff, and I've really missed it. Now that I'm not working and it's just me and Bug I think I'm going to try to find a DT spot again. There are so many new places now, and they all want galleries and blogs... I really need to catch up on this internet stuff... I found a few that looked like my style and even started a challenge for one. It still needs a little something, but here's a bit of it.

It's so hard to know which sites you want to be part of with out actually being part of them, but who has time to join them all, get to know everyone, and then choose - all while trying to spend every minute of nap time scrappin...?

not so computer savy.

Matt has been able to call just about every day. I finally figured out how to work this external hard drive he sent if I could figre out this blog thing and where to resize my pics I'd be in good shape... The pics from Ft McCoy were on there. We didn't take as many as I thought, but there were some good ones. I need a place for my layout gallery... off to figure that one out before nap time is over.