Sunday, June 15, 2008

my weakness.

i turned in my "last scraper standing" assignment today. this is a bit of it.

i have to admit, that was the hardest page i have ever done. we were supposed to scrap our weakness... i could have scrapped an obvious one, like dr. pepper or sweets or patterned paper or ribbon, but i desided to be honest and scrap my true weakness... it was tough. i didn't even start on it until the night before last. it didn't turn out the way i pictured, and i wish i had posted it in my gallery first so i could see it that way before i sent it in. there are a few changes i would have made. but, no worries, i'm glad i chose to scrap my true weakness. i actually felt better after i journaled it, like i got something out i'd been keeping in or something. anyway, i hope i can do something girly on the next assignment. only the top 20 move on. we'll find out tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i made my first batch of salsa today, and after a few adjustments, i think it turned out pretty good. the recipe called for one pepper if i wanted it spicey and 2 or 3 more if i wanted it hot. i went with the hot and started wih 4 jalapentos to one tomato.... i won't do that again. i've always said the hotter the better, but wow. i ended up making two more recipes worth, minus the peppers, and mixing it with the first batch. it's just right now, but i think i might have used a bit too much cilantro. we'll see. i've got two jars ready to send to matt along with his birthday card envelope book. hope he likes them :) now to finish the cards for the book... i'm so tired of making b-day cards...

Monday, June 9, 2008

i miss my room...

so this moving thing is the pits. 9 times in the last 4 years... who does that? I'm so greatful not to be alone while matt is gone, but i soo miss our own space. and decorating. bug's sweet litte nursery. and my scrap room. i had just picked out the colors and the style for my room when we desided to lease it out for the year, and yesterday i saw the lighting i had been looking for... oh, well. this time next year! maybe...