Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can't believe it's been a whole week....

Another week and I don't know where it went!! I like it when that happens though, it feels like the time is going by faster and the spring will be here sooner. Gracie has been saying Dada a lot these last few days and pointing to his pictures. I can't wait for him to finally be home!

Sadly, I've got a card to share with you today.... Let me explain. A few months back I got an e-mail from Card Maker Magazine requesting one of my cards in another color scheme for the March issue. Super exciting!! So I quickly made a new one, added a money holder to the inside, got my directions printed up and my package off to them. Well, I hadn't heard back from them and wanted to make sure they received it so I sent them an e-mail. No package.
I called to see if maybe it got sent to the wrong editor. Still no package. I even called the post offices to see if it was returned or lost, but it wasn't there either. So, long story short, my card wont be in the March issue anymore, but the good news is I can share it now. While I was waiting to hear back from them I started making a duplicate to get in the mail, but it turns out her section got cut and she can't fit everything in that she had planned, so I turned the extra one into a Christmas card. Thanks for stopping by!