Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HUGE Blog Candy!!

Finally back online!! And finally back to scrapping! Can you believe I haven't scrapped or blogged since before Christmas??? We have had a very busy few months, and I won't go into too much detail, but in a nutshell here is what the last few months looked like for me.... My daughter got sick, took her to the Dr. and she had strep and another bug.... about 5 days later she had gotten worse so I called the Dr. and took her back in, she had RSV.... meanwhile she had been vomiting for weeks.... still didn't get better, vomiting got worse so I took her to the ER, they said she was anemic and would need to run tests to see what was causing the vomiting and coughing but it was already 5 am so they sent us home and told me to call the Dr. in the morning and let them do the tests.... called the Dr. and he said go straight to TX. Children's..... about 8 hrs in the waiting room and they saw us... they thought she just had a bug and needed iron because she hadn't vomited since we had been there and her fever was gone.... we had to fight to get her admitted so they sent us to an overnight observation room and ran tests.... she ended up having whooping cough which still didn't explain the vomiting and the anemia.... they admitted her for 5 days (the worst hospital experience I have EVER had by the way) gave us antibiotics and sent us home, still vomiting.... We are seeing a new Dr. now and she is incredible!! She thinks that the vomiting is an intolerance to something we are eating and wasn't related at all to her illnesses, so we are changing up our diets and things are looking much better. While we were at the hospital Red Cross put a call in to my hubby's unit in Afghanistan to let them know what was going on and they sent him home early!!! He didn't get here until two days after we were discharged, but at least she has her daddy home now.
So enough about that, I'm back and I have some projects to share as soon as I can get pics of them! For now, check out this HUGE blog candy!

You have to go visit Sassy Designs by Suzie at Die Cut Dreams!!! Wow! She has one of the biggest blog candies I have ever seen! You can visit her here.