Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The tornado blew the roof off the barn!!

We have had a rainy few days and tonight we actually had a tornado! We weren't home for it, we were stuck at Wal Mart with the lights out, a screaming baby and the slowest checker in the world. Not on my things to do for fun list... But when we finally made it home the barn roof was in the neighbors pasture and the swing and slide set were in three different pieces. Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow... The dogs were not happy with us either. Anyway, with all this rain, I got a little inside time and made another chalk board and a card set. Enjoy!

I had a leftover piece of wood stained and sealed from the Christmas projects that I did this year, and thought I'd give that a try at the chalkboard paint. Worked great! Since it was stained and sealed I didn't even bother with the primer, and the chalkboard paint stuck great. I taped off the edges since this block has rounded edges and gave it a few coats. I let it dry for a few hours, although It really didn't need that long, and then peeled the tape off. On this one I wanted to try out this big polka dot ribbon I scored for a dollar the other day, so I picked a blue PP to match. Again, I attached the PP with some good old ModPodge and wrapped the ribbon all the way around the block, In stead of cutting and over lapping it, I ran both sides into a belt buckle and tied a knot in the middle of it. The two ends have a 3D Zot under them to keep them from coming untied. The paper is pretty busy so I just added a few primas and buttons, but looking at it now I think I might add some larger primas and maybe a little bling. It's looking a little boring to me now... For now, here it is!


Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

That’s quite an experience, and a mess! Being stuck in a mall is very frustrating, particularly in this kind of calamity. But thinking about it, you’re all safer inside, which was a good thing. Anyway, cleaning up is the hardest part after a disaster. But I’m glad that you still see the brighter side of everything, by creating wonderful projects like this. It’s been three years, how’s your barn? I hope you were able to fix and use it again.

Nelson Mcglaughlin