Saturday, July 12, 2008

becky has a blog!

holy moly! so stinking excited! i used to use becky's sketches in all of my beginner's classes - she would have a print out of her sketches for the month that you could download, and i'd put that in all of my student's kits. anyway, she has a stinking blog now! so cool. she's so funny too. i'm not one to laugh out loud at things on the tv, or things i read, just a little smile (sometimes), but holy cow, she's stinking funny. you should check her out here. AND... she's got a contest up already.... i never win these silly things, but they're so much fun. they wouldn't be much fun if you were just playing to win, right? anyway, i love this one so maybe i'll get a few pages caught up... here it is:

we fed the duck again yesterday and this time it ate the food out of my hand. bug was so excited. she was sitting on my knee and the duck ws almost close enough for us to touch, so i though i'd see if it would come closer. sure enough, it ate the food right out of my hand. it wouldn't let us pet it though, maybe next time. either way, she loves going out there and watching the duck, the turtles and all the little fishes come up to eat. she got to crawl in the grass for the first time too. it was a much more pleasant experience than her first one with sand. it was a little dry so it poked her and she didn't want to crawl much, but she sat there and pulled at it for a long time. once she's walking we'll have a lot more of these outside play times :)

have a great weekend!
p.s. scrapbook haven is having their scrapfest this weekend! go check it out, there are lots of great ones up already.