Monday, July 7, 2008

a taste of the mickey mouse ears.

bug has always crawled over to papa's chair when we weren't looking and tried to climb up into it with him. sometimes he picks her up, sometimes we catch her before she gets there, and sometimes we let her pull herself up and just stand there. The times that he picks her up we have to quickly empty his pocket of his pens, take his glasses off, put his toothpick down and take his "mickey mouse ears" off. these mickey mouse ears, as mema calls them, are a must if you want to carry on a conversation while the tv is on. well, today papa didn't quite get them off in time and bug was determined to figure out what those funny looking things were. of course he didn't mind sharing, but she didn't like having them on as much as she liked pulling them off of papa.

these mini clipboards are super cute! i made this one for the hubby.