Monday, July 28, 2008

blog catch up...sort of

so tuesday was my birthday and guees what matt sent me??!!! now is when i'm supposed to tell you what it is, right? well, i don't know yet... one of the items was backordered so it messed up the shipping, but it's supposed to be here tomorrow!! i know it's from sizzix!!!! and i know that it was a "package". i'm not sure what package means, but it's going to be good!! do you know how hard it has been not to go to sizzix and browse around for their packages? anyway, hopefully it will be here tomorrow and i'll get some time to play with it. for now, here's a pic of my sweet hubby. thanks baby, i miss you! (this was at the bizzarre and this guy wanted $1000 for this rabbit!! can you believe that?)

i don't know why i didn't post this earlier, i think i was just so excited about getting another one of bug's pages done that i just put it right into the book. i can't believe she's ten months old now... and she's got a whopping five pages in her book! i'm determined to get her first year all scrapped by her birthday though. maybe getting my birthday present in the mail will get me going ;) anyway, this pic was one of the ones from the antique photo shoot we did when she turned nine months. (ok, so i can't get it to load right now, maybe my hint to go to bed. i'll load it tomorrow.)

and here's a bit of the bug helping mommy "clean up" her mat. it still didn't get put away...