Friday, July 11, 2008

one more before bed.

i'm trying out this card making thing. i'm liking it too... i'm even liking the stamping thing.... i think i might need to get a part time job, there are some super cute stamps out there. i've never been big on stamping on my layouts, but these cards are way cute! i didn't use stamps on this, but it's a card i made. it was really simple, i made in in about 10 minutes (the letters took a few minutes). I've still got the bosskut. i've been looking at the cuddlebug though. i want something that embosses, and more than just a two inch square...any suggestions???


Staci said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Tanya! Oooh, I love that card you made - that is so cool the way it opens! I've been dabbling in stamping a bit, too - I can see why people love it so much! Btw, I was looking around your blog, and your daughter is just precious!! I totally remember the days of not being able to get much of anything done (including scrapping), so that is great that you're starting to be able to get back to creating!

Staci said...

Oh, and I forgot to answer your question :-) The background pp on my LO was one piece - it's from the Luxe "trinket" line.