Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th!

happy, happy 4th!!! it's 2 am and the fireworks just stopped here. i love watching them though, so i don't mind. bug seemed to enjoy them tonight, too. the noises didn't seem to bother her. riva got a pic, will post it later.
i got a little scrap time in today!! three whole pages done! well, sort of. i forgot my white pen, so two of them still need journaling, but the 8x8 page is already in the book. I love that feeling... a few more to go and i'll send the album to matt. i told him i'd mail him pages of bug as i scrap them and he could just add them to her album as he got them. it's late and i'm super sleepy... hope everyone had a great, safe 4th!!!